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Basic Information of Mental Retardation

It’s can also be called Intellectual disable or differentially able. According to DSM-IVR in this disorder there must be three criteria to have intellectual disorder.

(a) IQ Label must be 70 or lower.
(b)There will be one problem in one field Social, Skills, Health, and Work.
(c) Age must be below on 18 years old.

Categories of Intellectual Disorder

Mild Mental Retardation IQ=50-55 to 70
Moderate Mental Retardation IQ =35-40 to 50-55
Severe Mental Retardation IQ= 20-25 to 35-40
Profound Mental Retardation IQ= below 20-25
Mental Retardation, Severity Unspecified

Detail Information

Mild Mental Retardation: In this category there are more then 85% child are mildly mental retarded. They can read up to 5-6 Level in school. They have communication, social, work related problem.

Moderate Mental Retardation: They mostly deprived on communication Language, They only identify their basic needs and Sign language. In this category there are 10%Child who are moderately Mental Retarded. Here they are trainable, but not educate able.

Severe Mental Retardation: In this category there are 3-4%child who have Severe mental Retardation. We can easily identify theirs problem on Motor development. They can learn language if they go on primary school.

Profound Mental Retardation: In this category there are 1-2% child who have profound mental retardation. They can not understand simple commands, or simple instruction. They need training to do any work. If we increase our consciousness they can be may mostly cured.

Mental Retardation, Severity Unspecified: This is final and last stage of Mental Retardation. Here children needs more support from care giver. In this category most of child needs severe treatment.

Sign and Symptoms Mental Retardation:

Delays in oral language development.
Deficits in memory skills.
Difficulty learning social rules.
Difficulty with problem solving skills.
Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors.
Lack of social in habitation.

Causes mental retardation

Before or at Birth: its can reason of Inherited disorder or Chromosomal abnormalities.

During Pregnancy: Infections with human immunodeficiency virus, herpes simplex, or rubella virus.

During Birth: Insufficient oxygen or prematurely.

After Birth: Brain infections, Severe head injury, Child Abuse, Toxins etc. 

All this are the commonly causes of mental retardation we can just imagine, But not sure.

Treatment of mental retardation 

ours medical science do not have sufficient treatment for Mental Retardation, But we can prevent it easily by doing.

(a) Keep away from smoking, Drinking of alcohol, or taking drugs.
(b) Regularly visiting to pediatrician.
(c) Using child safety seats and Helmets.

How to trait Intellectual Disability

Needs to increase
  1. Family support or counseling
  2. Human development.
  3. Special education programs
  4. Life skills training.
  5. Job coaching.
  6. Social opportunities.
  7. Housing services.

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