English Oxford Dictionary, Medicine Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary 

Collection from porinam. Here you will found total four dictionary collection totally in offline version.

English Oxford, Medicine, American Heritage Dictionary collection from porinam blog
English oxford Dictionary, Medicine and American dictionary all are workable. You just needs to downloads the file version.

How to Install?

  1. For installing just downloads the rar file. Link has been given below.
  2. Then Unrar your downloads file.
  3. Open the selected folder which is your desired.
  4. Find out the best and better diction by chosen.
  5. Now open the chosen dictionary folder.
  6. Find out the setup file which file type called application file.
  7. Run it Run As Administrator.
  8. Click next by next step with accepting Terms and Conditions.
  9. Finally it will finished.

How to USE?

  1. Now open the application which are you completed by setup process.
  2. Working with the open dictionary, just follow the step which is said by software.
All step will be easy if you are expert in English.  You can easily use it for your desired fulfill needs.

All files are copy rights protected. Don't try to copy any file. because it's rusticated.
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