How to start a blog by using Gmail account

Google offering unlimited blogging for everyone. Because the domain blogspot.com is totally free. for opening a new blog address you just need.

  1. A Google ID. How can get see here.
  2. A professional template for professional user.
  3. A personal computer ("like Windows")or a mobile phone  ("like Android")
Go here.  https://www.blogger.com and Login with your Google ID.
How to start a blog by using gmail account Tutorial from porinam
Click on Create New blog and you will found Like the below picture.  Complete it by using correct information.

How to start a blog by using gmail account Tutorial from porinam
For viewing your blog just click on view blog.,  for posting a post click on the pencil button. Give the post title like the below picture.

How to start a blog by using gmail account Tutorial from porinam
Finally click on publish button for publishing your post like this. now visit your blog for showing your new post. 

Use this blog for multiple purposes. some of them are.
  1. Easy to use
  2. More reliable.
  3. Google is main owner for blogspot.com, so it trustable.
  4. Can be transferable to a top level domain.
  5. For Earning from Advertisement services. like of  Google AdSense, PopCash, Popadds, Infolink, chitika etc.
  6. It's can play more manageable data with sustainable development.
  7. For marketing product promote.
  8. For publishing sharing your views and ideas.
  9. For skilled up or build up your knowledge.
  10. For social networking friends.
  11. easily manageable for multiple user.
  12. Privacy and policy are better.
  13. Terms and Condition are acceptable.
  14.  Blogspot.com Domain is transferable to others personal domain.
  15.  Works both on browser, windows, android devices.
  16. So smarter who only knows HTML code.
  17. 24 hour Google promotional support for blogger.
  18. Multiple admin, editor user supported.
  19. Single link to visit.
  20. Countywide sub name.
  21. Helpful for normal user.
  22. No need required training for developing blog page.
  23. work faster.
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