How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Windows computer permanently

In this current year our windows is affecting with shortcut viruses and Our folder automatically increasing by this virus, if we delete it, it's automatically created by this virus. Shortcut virus may comes from a pan drive or INTERNET connection or if we click a shortcut affected folder.. Shortcut virus designed by AutoIt Team. Shortcut virus is one of basic reason for this type of problem. so needs to remove it permanently.

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First Step


For cheeking Shortcut virus go here Task manager by press Ctrl+Alt+delete
if u fiund AutoIt.that's mean u have shortcut virus

Install the unlocker software. downloads link: Unlocker1.9.2.exe - 1.0 MB

Go the my computer Local Drive (C)-Windows-System 32-Find cscript

delete it using unlocker installed program. bcz it's the responsible for creating and increasing shortcut virus.

comes back task manager select autoit scrip background program and click End Task

Go To task manager Sartup (only for windopws 8,8.1,10....... for XP run command propt by pressing Start and R and type msconfig ) on task tab. 
Select 2 (AutoIt ) scrip and make it disable.

Second Step Folder deletion one by one


Root folder deletion permanently use WinRAR. go to (C) drive select Google and delete it.

Now go Local Disk (C) Windows And find AutoKMS and delete it using unlocker.

Install  Win Optimizer(Downloads click here) and click modules And On their Star up Tuner

Delete 4 Virus Associated Scrip on viewing toper. AntiUSBWarm and AntiWarm Update by clicking - (Minus) icon.

This is were last Step. You have done it successfully.

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