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We are everybody knows that SEO is a important thoing for Indexing your post on search Engine. Blogger’s developers team continuously working hard to improve its features and usability. In

blogger’s new interface they added many new features to make it more SEO friendly. One of the

new features introduced by blogger’s developers is Custom Robots Header Tags. This is really a handy tool which helps us to select which portion of our blog should be indexed and which should be protected from indexing in search results. 

This tool plays great role in our blog’s Search Engine
Optimization. Using it properly can improve our blog ranking that helps us to gain more visitors
from Search engines and hence our blog page views will also increase. In this tutorial you will learn
how to setup custom robots headers tags in blogger. Let’s see how to setup them. We will try for doing best for you with Screen Shoot.

How to make Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger: 

Go here.

How to make Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger, Complete SEO Tutorial for Blogspot

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click on edit. and make it like the picture

How to make Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger, Complete SEO Tutorial for Blogspot

Click on Save changes. and you have successfully done first step for SEO.


  1. We can not get more visitor without SEO
  2. SEO is Site Engine Optimization.
  3. Basically it's two types On Page and Off page SEO.
  4. On page SEO makes the blog Spread out on other site, Like Bookmarking, Directory submitting etc.
  5. Off SEO makes the HTML Searchable.
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