IN THE WORLD! ALSO ENJOY FREE SMS MESSAGING TO ANY MOBILE PHONE IN THE WORLD!....Voxox is the messaging app that lets you call and message anyone in the world for free, even if they don’t have Voxox.How? We’re the only company in the world to give away FREE calling to REAL phones.

We give you $1 worth of calling and SMS credit EVERY MONTH.What's the catch? There is none.We’re a registered United States and international telephone company, and unlike Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk or Viber, we can GIVE AWAY REAL CALLING AND SMS to any phone on the planet for FREE. With Voxox you also get the following benefits 100% FREE: FREE Phone Number - Get a free U.S. phone number that your family and friends can use to call you FREE Calling & Messaging - Calls and text messages with other Voxox users are always free and unlimited Mobile & Landline Support - Call and message friends who aren't using Voxox yet for free or at super low rates  all over the worldGroup Messaging - Chat and share photos, videos and more with groups of your friends and family who are also Voxox users Photo & Video Sharing - Capture photos/videos with Voxox or share from your phone's camera roll Location Sharing - Let your friends know where to meet you with the click of a button Friend Finder - Voxox imports your contacts and automatically finds friends who use Voxox so you can communicate with them for free Visual Voicemail - It's not always convenient to listen to voicemail messages so Voxox makes it easy by turning them into text Reach Me - Forward incoming calls to your other phone numbers so you'll never again miss an important call Language Translation - Voxox can automatically translate the text messages you send and receive to/from dozens of languages In call features (during any call you can do the following):  Press *1 for Call Recording - Record the call you are on and view and play back recordings in the app Press *2 to Transfer - Move your call to another phone, even your desk phone or another mobile Press *3 to Conference - Bridge up to 20 parties Callback Mode - Call any phone number worldwide using your address book and pay only pennies per minute without draining your data plan! When you’re making a call in callback mode, just dial the phone number and wait a few seconds.You’ll then get an incoming mobile call with a message of please wait while I connect you. Shortly after your friend will appear on the line. Say “hello” and start talking! 

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Do u know u can also use voxox in your web browser.Go here and make fun.To know more app like voxox Click here

Note: For more free minutes u can use multiple phone number.
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