How to maximize speed and minimize cost of your computer windows data.


Today is a modern era; here we are addicted to use a Electronic Device. But when we think about it, we can easily imagine Windows Device. There are many criteria for using Windows in our daily life. Some of them are it so easy to use. Nice Design in any platform. There are many platforms which companies are designing their product for Windows lover in their life. Companies can produce a product easily because Windows is a Open Source platform based free Operating System. Any one can modify it, and can use it own choice. You need to know just about Operating Language to use it fully controlled. Windows operating system is number one operating system all over the world. It's so easy to use. we can customize our operating system because it's open-source free operating system. In default this system has some problem for us for lower data speed.

  1. Turn off your windows update. Go Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update\Change settings. Press in  important updates and make change it to never check update.
  2. In control panel-select Network and Internet-Select Phone and Modem-give country (for example bangldesh Area code = 02)
  3. In my computer click right-manage-Services and Applications-Services- Search Background Intelligent Transfer Service. (Double click here) in running make stop, Start-up type make disable. Press apply and ok
  4. Use optimizer we suggest ashampoo winoptimizer 11 optimizer.
  5. Use fasted anti-virus protector like .
  6. If you are using SSD on your laptop u need to turn off drive optimization. u can easily do it. by go My computer-Right click on a any drive-Tools-Optimze-click on schedule optimize-make it turn off
  7. For searching a file don't use build in search tools. use fasted tools like .
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