Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All Quran Bangla in Arabic

All Quran Bangla in Arabic

All-Quran pdf version integrated bangla in Arabic. Just download it makes your life with it.

Download links:  Click 

All-Quran flash tajweedA Downloads link

Downloads here

Why flash All Quran
  1. It's Flash version.
  2. Can opened by any operating System.
  3. It's have basic visual feature that's making user friendly.
  4. It's have multiple viewer position.
  5. Responsive.
  6. Free from viruses, tested by porinam.
  7. Licensed version.
  8. Full version. no user limitation.
These two version is not online based version. It's have free from advertisement. No more adds. It's have numerous uses for our daily life. Mostly in our daily life we reads All Quran, But it not modern thinking. If we reads Quran in PDF or Flash file it's will give us more time to read and reliable. All Quran can makes life to be newer thinking for new acceptance. That's why porinam shared All quran for everyone who desired it.

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      Opening rar password is: entertainment

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